Newtown Casino is the live casino substitute for those who are playing 918kiss. Because 918kiss do not have live card Online Casino, many of those who playing 918kiss slot game will also play Newtown Casino when the are looking to enjoy some live card gaming. Newtown Casino goes by many names and tow of the names are NTC33 and NTC22. Newtown Casino is actually in the same circle as 918kiss where Newtown casino are among the oldest online casino gaming apps that stay and become more popular. Even with many years pass by and more competitor and other online casino gaming apps, Newtown Casino manage to stay as one of the very top and hottest live casino gaming app in 2019.

How to Play Newtown Game Register Newtown Account

Before Starting to Play Newtown Casino Game, or NTC33 casino game, you will need to Register a Newtown Account with Us first and making first deposit, you can also choose to take bonus or not. After NTC33 registration, you will presented with Newtown Playing Account ID and Password and you can start to enjoy NTC33 casino games.

Register NTC33 Newtown Account Via Live Chat Below / or you can add our NTC33 Whatsapp or NTC33 Wechat. You playing account will be ready in 5 to 10 minutes.

Where Can you Play Newtown

Newtown Casino game can be played using Mobile phone, as there are NTC33 android Version, NTC33 IOS Version or Newtown Android APK and Newtown IOS APK to download. Beside that, Newtown Casino is also very easy for players who wanted to play live casino in bigger screen aside from mobile. Newtown Casino can be played live straight away from you browser in desktop PC. As long as your browser and PC support Flash players, then you will be able to play Newtown Live Casino Game. Slot Game and Live Casino Game in Newtown are both can be played via Online Browsers too.

Newtown Bonus. NTC33 Bonus or NTC22 Bonus provide hottest Newtown Bonus and among those categories are Newtown register bonus, Newtown refer friend bonus, Newtown Slot game cash back bonus, Newtown Live Game cash Back Bonus, and some other seasonal bonus. Co8bet only provide the best of the best and fair Newtown casino bonus for players with some of the lowest Roll Over requirements rate.

Popular Newtown 2019 Games to Play

Now, Do you know what is the hottest game to play in Newtown Casino? For those who already played Newtown Casino before then you will know that Live Casino gaming is not much in categories but they are all very exciting. Some of the hottest game in Newtown Casino are like Baccarat and Roulette. These two live casino game is very easy to play without needing much learning. Roulette is the most famous and popular for season Newtown Casino players because of the high pay-out rate and many betting type to choose from, You can choose to bet on single digits, multiple digits, colours and even Odd numbers. Minimum Betting for Roulette game is also quite low and this alone is more than enough to entice many casino players.

How to Win Newtown slot game ? Newtown Winning Tips.

Newtown Live Casino is not hard to start and for those who have no experience in playing live casino game or even card game in generals, not too worry as it is very easy to learn from the scratches. In order to win and have a good profit in Newtown Casino game you need to know the betting rules of these card games, how much the pay out rate if you are betting on certain types of card bets and the combinations needed to win the round or game. Unlike slot game where there are bonus round, Live Card Game is one to one which basically means all round is betting round so you will need to know how to maximize the winning.

A Card game is generally very fast to finish and normally around 30 to 50 rounds you will know whether you have a good hands or not for the day. A general rules of thumb is always play with full concentration and do not rush things or use feelings to play rather than logic.

Advice on Newtown Slot , Newtown Download and NTC33 APK

Play the hottest live Casino Gamign App newtown Casino in and you can download the newtown game straight from our site, register to get a newtown account and start playing.

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